I  S  E  E

Innovative Sustainable Environment Education


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On both the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic and 11th of November, national afforestation day, we participated in the 100th Anniversary run and 100th anniversary commemorative forest planting, organized in cooperation with Anamur District Governorate, Anamur Forest Management Directorate, Anamur District National Education Directorate, TEMA Foundation and non-governmental organizations, to promote our UNESCO Green Citizens project. We had the opportunity to introduce our 'ISEE- Innovative Sustainable Environment Education' project to the participants.

We met with Julien & Emilie. We gave information about our ISEE project. We learned a lot from each other about environmental problems and educational methodologies and solutions. We would like to thank UNESCO Green Citizens for giving us this great experience!

Aktivite Photos

Our School Habitat

Our students researched the characteristics of the trees in our school garden and created their identity cards.

Planting Tree (project forest)

Visiting Caretta Caretta Turtles

Vermicompost to prevent soil pollution.

Banana fiber and other recycling.